“School and Church Program Ideas for the Whole Year”
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This book provides program ideas for those working in children’s ministries. The book is packed with a variety of seasonal ideas and holiday programs, historical programs, and evangelism and missions programs. The overall theme found throughout the book is the Gospel. The 25 dramas for various holidays make this book a great resource for churches, Christian schools, and home school groups.
See “Real Love Came Down”, a skit for Valentine’s Day. All the poems exercises, programs, and dramas in this book were authored and compiled by Christian Freelance writer, Iris Gray Dowling. Much of the material was sold for First Rights to other publishers before put in this collection. The appendixes list many dramas Iris sold to other publishers for All Rights. Ways to obtain these are noted.
“Christmas Program Ideas”
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This is a book of rhymes, readings, and drama sketches for use in Children’s Ministries--a must-have resource for those running annual Christmas programs whether in a church or school setting. The book includes preschool rhymes, simple fifteen minute programs, and longer dramas to convey the true meaning of Christmas. Easy to make Character costumes, music and scenery are suggested. Helpful ideas are provided to help in planning a short program using materials included in the book.
“Declare His Name”
By Jeanne Lockerbie Stephenson, ABWE Publishing, Harrisburg, PA
(4 mission dramas written by Iris Gray Dowling)
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“Upward Bound”
Published by Eldridge Publishing Company, PO Box 1595Venice, FL 34284
Eleven puppet skits written by Iris Gray Dowling. Can be obtained by contacting the Publisher.
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“Programs for Special Days”
Program And Drama Books
Iris Gray Dowling
Compiled and published by Standard Publishers.
Recitations, poems, readings, exercises, and four dramas written by Iris Gray Dowling can be used on Special days; such as, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day , Mother’s & Father’s Day , Missions Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. Send me an E-mail to ask about other books published by Standard Publishers containing these materials written by Iris Dowling: Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Reasonable prices, plus shipping. Only a few books left